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What is Staple Binding

Staple bind is a method of binding sheets of paper or other materials together using staples. The staples are driven through the sheets and folded over, creating a secure binding that allows the pages to be turned easily. One of the advantages of staple binding is that it allows for easy removal of individual pages if needed. The Finishing is usually cover with cloth tape.


Usage and Purpose of Staple Binding - What can you use Staple Binding for:

Why choose ED’S Staple Binding - What can we do for you?

*A4 , A3, A2, A1 and A0 (short edge)
1 to 15 mm (10 to 150 sheets of A4 / 80gsm)
*Paper Cover
230gsm / Black, Blue, Red, Golden Yellow, Light Yellow, Green, Pink, Beige and White
*Plastic Cover
Clear (0.18mm), Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Pink (0.2mm) and Frosted Matt (500 Micron)
Lead Time
Immediate for small quantity | Large quantity (200+ books for A4): WhatsApp 9696 1342
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