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Ring Binding: Comb Binding

What is Ring Binding?

Ring binding, also known as comb binding, is a book binding method that involves punching rectangular holes along the edges of a stack of paper and then threading a plastic coil through the holes binding the pages together.


Usage and Purpose of Ring Binding - What can you use Ring Binding for

Why choose ED’S Ring Binding - What can we do for you?

Available Sizes
A4 and A3 (long edge)
Document Thickness
Up to 50mm or 400 sheets of 80 gsm paper
Ring Colours Available
Black, Blue and Red
Paper Covers Available:
230gsm Textured paper | Black, Blue, Red, Golden Yellow, Light Yellow, Green, Pink, Beige and White
Plastic Cover
Clear (0.18mm), Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Pink (0.2mm) and Frosted Matt (500 Micron)
Lead Time
Immediate for small quantity | Large quantity (300+ Books) : WhatsApp 9696 1342

In summary, ring binding is a versatile bookbinding method that is commonly used for reports, presentations, notebooks, planners, training manuals, recipe books, and art portfolios. Its flexibility and ease of use make it a popular choice for many different types of publications, whether it is for businesses, school project submissions.


Fun fact: Ring Binding is the most popular binding method and has been in demand for at least 4 decades and counting.

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