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Perfect Binding : Glue Bind

What is Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is a popular bookbinding because can be used for books of varying thicknesses. The method that involves gluing the pages of a book together to form a flat spine. The spine edge of the book block is milled or roughened to create a texture that allows the glue to penetrate and adhere better. The spine edge of the book block is then coated with a layer of hot glue. The whole cover which can be specially designed to fit varies theme for the book is then applied to the book block and pressed firmly in place. Once the glue has cooled and set, the book is trimmed on three sides to create clean, even edges, resulting the book has a flat, square spine and a perfect finishing outlook.


Usage and Purpose of Perfect Binding - What can you use Perfect Binding for:

Perfect Binding is commonly used for softcover books such as books, novels, catalogues, and magazines. Perfect binding is a cost-effective and efficient way to produce large quantities of books quickly. Perfect binding is a process, commonly used by printers and bookmakers, where groups of pages are bound together using adhesive to create a clean, crisp and professional printed product.

Why choose ED’S Perfect Binding - What can we do for you?

A4 and A3 (long edge)
2 to 60mm (10 to 500 sheets of A4 / 80gsm)
Paper Cover
Specially Designed Covers to wrap round the books
Lead Time
As fast as 1h turn around time. Large quantity (500+ books) WhatsApp 9696 1342 We do all the process in house.
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