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What is Hard Cover Binding

Hardcover binding is a method of bookbinding that involves the use of a stiff board cover to protect and bind the pages of a book. The cover is made from cardboard or other stiff material and is wrapped in a cloth or paper cover, which is then attached to the book block using adhesive glue.


It is a popular choice for books that are intended to last for a long time, such as textbooks, novels, contract documents, thesis and submission drawings. It provides a sturdy and durable cover that protects the pages of the book from wear and tear, while also providing an attractive and long-lasting finished product.


Usage and Purpose of Hard Cover Binding - What can you us Hard Cover Binding for

Hardcover binding is typically used for important documents that require a durable, long-lasting binding. Some examples of documents that may require hardcover binding include:

In general, any document that is expected to be used frequently, passed down through generations, or has significant value may benefit from hardcover binding to ensure it remains intact and protected over time. Overall, if you’re looking for binding option that provides durability, a professional appearance, and added value to your materials, hardcover binding will be and excellent choice.

Why choose ED’S Hard Cover Binding - What can we do for you?

A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 (short edge)
A4/A3 - Max 600 sheets; A2/A1/A0 - Max 80 sheets of 80gsm
Hot Stamping
Cover and Spine (Golden, Silver, White, Red, Green Hot Stamping Colour Lettering)
Paper Cover
Black, Blue, Maroon, Grey and Green
Specially designed Covers and customised texts can be printed and wrapped round the book.
Lead Time
From 5 days for small quantity| Large quantity: WhatsApp 9696 1342

Fun Fact: ED’S is one of the oldest Hard Cover Binders locally. ED’S also has the largest Hot stamping machine in Singapore with a wide stamping area. Your hard cover can be customisable to your desired texts with Gold / Silver / White / Red / Green letterings, for your desired finish. We reproduce the Hard Cover Binding up to A0 size In-house, hence we are able to cater your most urgent needs.

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