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What is FastBack Binding

Fastback binding is a thermal binding system that uses a machine to heat and apply pressure to a strip of adhesive tape which creates a strong bond to the spine of a book or document,. Fastback binding strips are available in 3 widths (Small, Medium and Large) for different thickness documents, and a range of standard colours. It is fast, presentable and convenient. The finished product is durable with additional stapling and long-lasting with the adhesive tape providing a strong bond between the pages that is resistant to wear and tear. Overall, fastback binding is an efficient, professional and attractive method of binding documents that is ideal for customers who need a high-quality, durable binding solution.

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Usage and Purpose of FastBack - What can you use FastBack Binding for:

Fastback binding is commonly used for a variety of applications, such as creating reports, proposals, presentations, and other types of business documents. It is also popular for creating photobooks.


Fastback binding can be used to bind a wide range of documents, including:

Why choose ED’S FastBack Binding - What can we do for you?

A4 and A3 (short edge)
Small, Medium and Large (1 to 400 sheets of A4 / 80gsm)
Colour Strips
Black, Blue, Maroon & Green
Paper Cover
230gsm / Black, Blue, Red, Golden Yellow, Light Yellow, Green, Pink, Beige and White
Plastic Cover
Clear (0.18mm), Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Pink (0.2mm) and Frosted Matt (500 Micron)
Lead Time
Immediate for small quantity | Large quantity (300+ Books) : WhatsApp 9696 1342
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