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What is Soft Cover Binding

A softcover binding, also known as a paperback binding, is a type of bookbinding where the cover of the book is made of a flexible material, usually a thick paper or a thin cardboard. The pages of the book are glued or sewn together and then attached to the spine of the cover. Softcover bindings are commonly used for books that are meant to be lightweight, portable, and less expensive than hardcover books. They are often used for novels, trade books, and academic books that are intended for long-term storage. Compared to hardcover bindings, softcover bindings are more flexible, easier to carry around, and less expensive to produce. The Soft Cover process takes a longer time as it requires the glue to be dry for the next process.


Usage and Purpose of Soft Cover Binding - What can you use Soft Cover Binding for:

Why choose ED’S Soft Cover Binding - What can we do for you?

*A4, *A3, A2, A1 and A0 (short edge)
A4/A3 - Max 600 sheets; A2/A1/A0 - Max 80 sheets of 80gsm
*Paper Cover
230gsm / Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, Beige and White
Specially designed Covers can be printed and wrapped round the book
Lead Time
Immediate for small quantity | Large quantity: WhatsApp 9696 1342
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